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Our distributors:

More than 400 distributors in the country. We are present in any legal entity of the Russian Federation and in Belarus.

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Nizhny Novgorod
Rodionova str, 192/1,
tel: (831) 432-98-16,
fax: (831) 434-88-23,

Sales service:
Head: (831) 469-98-01,
Managers: (831) 469-98-03,
469-98-08, 469-98-14,
fax: (831) 469-98-00,

Advertising agency:
Head: (831) 434-88-20,
Managers: (831) 434-91-16,
fax: (831) 434-88-22,


We are publishers of the press products issuing more than 50 editions for the whole family with different topics.

Detailed into about company

We belong to five leaders issuing such quantity of the production for the whole family.

The production delivery to the client’s store-house.

Our editions are read in Belarus, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Latvia, Kirghizia, Uzbekistan.

News & anounces:

Ogorod (Kitchen-garden)
Prostye Retsepty Zdorovya (Simple Recipes of Health)
Vash talisman (Your amulet)
Priklyucheniya, tayny, chudesa (Adventures, Mysteries, Miracles)
Volshebniy gorshohek (Magic pot)
Morphey (Morpheous)
Sam Sebe Lekar (
Ponedelnik (Monday)
Magiya doma (Magic of your house)
Recipes encore
Moi lyubimyiye tsvety ( My favorite flowers)
Hozyayka v dome (Hostess in House)
Special issues of the newspaper
Skatert'-samobranka (Magic Table-cloth)
Tvoya luchshaya podruga (Your best friend)
Uyutnaya gazeta (Comfortable Newspaper)
Zhenskiye sudby (Womens' Destinies)
Vyazanie: modno i prosto (Knitting: stylishly and simply)
Solnechniy Zaychik (Movable Light Spot)
Formula Schastya (The Formula of Happiness: He and She)
Sekrety Moego Doma (Secrets of My House)
Naidy Svoyu Sudbu (Find your destiny)
Vasha divan-gazeta (Your Sofa-Newpaper)
Zero (Zero)
Scan-dosug (Scan-leisure)
Moy drug compyuter (My Friend Computer)
«TSHEDRI STOL» (Lavish table)

Lunniy Calendar (Moon Calendar)
TVOE ZDOROVIE v voprosah  i otvetah (Your health in questions and answers)
Znaky Tvoey Sudby (Signs of Your Fate)

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